Sewer Rehab Robots


We sell, service and train our customers on Schwalm robots, the world’s most advanced robotic system for trenchless sewer maintenance and repairs.

The Schwalm Talpa 1330 and 2060 robot systems are perfectly suited for heavy duty sewer main and lateral repairs. Schwalm’s rugged design and stable platform integrates with most any CUES, ARIES or Cobra TV truck.

Schwalm Versatility and Compatibility

Get more out of your Schwalm robots! Did you know they are compatible with Picote drain cleaning tools? Simply attach a grinding panel, Smart Spider or cleaning chain and you’re on your way.

Always in stock. Need a sewer robot fast? We can deliver. No more waiting or back orders from overseas.

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Typical Applications

  • Sewer rehabilitation
  • Laterals
  • Point repairs
  • Lateral reinstatement
  • Pipe and asset inspection
  • Pipe cleaning
Product Line

  • Robots
  • Cameras
  • Cutter heads for all European robotic cutters
  • Cutter heads for most U.S. robotic cutters
  • Packers
  • Replacement parts

  • Field training
  • Repairs